Did I Miss the Rapture

Did I miss the Rapture

Did I miss the Rapture?

As a Christian I have to ask myself that question.  Why, you ask?  Well let me explain.  In today’s time I find, that customer service no longer exists, warranties are usually not honored and we live in a society that rebels, burns, riots, mouths, lies, deceives and dishonors.

Most don’t respect authority, whether it’s law enforcement or a Federal Judge.  People look out only for themselves, and common decency, as we knew it, no longer exists. Marriage vows are just words and a woman’s or man’s virtue for that matter is a rarity.  Some women have thrown away their modesty and walk unashamed through the streets, looking, talking and acting like heathens.

Those that should have our best interest at heart could care less about the welfare of the populace.  They just look for that lobbyist to line their pockets with money, regardless of the outcome. The highest seat in the free world, the President of the United States, is disrespected, lied about, laughed at and told his authority doesn’t pertain to them and in general, they are going to do as they please.  What a shame.  You don’t have to like the President, there have been many I haven’t liked, but I do respect the office that he holds.  Because of that I will acknowledge he is President of these United States. He is the Commander-in-Chief.

Not too long ago, I had a young man tell me, and I quote, “You’ve never had to live on food stamps in the 3rd ward.  The United States sucks.”

My reply to him is very simple, “Go to Syria, they don’t even have food stamps. See how you like that.”

People, people, people. I can’t tell you how that hurts my heart.  Yet it’s an everyday occurrence.  No appreciation. No ‘that a boy’. No, ‘thank you for your business’. No respect for parents or elders, no respect for anything or anybody. That leaves one conclusion.  No respect for themselves. And, this isn’t just young people. I see old people, people who know better, living and cheating and then lying about their actions.

Those young people of yesterday who stormed the beaches of Normandy and fought and died for these United States have been replaced with young people who need candy and safe rooms because their feelings are hurt. The sad part?  The professors are agreeing with them.

Thank God, America still has some young people who do respect and love their country and serve in our military.  I thank you for that and for your service.  You are our hope for a better tomorrow.

I’ll get down off my soap box now, but it sure makes me wonder if I missed the rapture as I look around for the Anti-Christ.