How Much is…

Is there a limit on how much is enough?  How much money, how many blessings, how much food, how many friendships, how many hobbies, how many vacations, how much truth, how much kindness, how big a house, how many cars, how much time?

As humans, we tend to gage things, by the dollar. As a dear friend of mine said one time said, “Money is the way you keep score.”  

But, is it really?

We tend to forget that the devil pays good wages also.

So, what we may look at as one person being blessed by God could be the devil paying their wages.  Just remember the devil charges more interest than you can ever repay. 

Now many aren’t going to agree with me about that and that’s okay.

This is about thinking about things in our life and looking at them perhaps from a different angle.

We can look, as an example, at a beautiful plate of food.  The plate is overflowing and more than adequate to supply our body’s need for food, and we think, “Geez, I really don’t like that, nor that and that’s gross and that—“  And on, and on, because it doesn’t come up to what WE like.  But, to a homeless, starving man, would settle for just the slice of bread. Or maybe just a cool drink of CLEAN water.

The saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” could certainly hold true here. What one sees as a blessing the other may see as “I earned that. I deserve that.”

In reality, God owes us nothing. He created us because He loves us and wanted our company, but, He owes us nothing. Yet, He continues to bless us over and over again, just as our earthly fathers bless us time and time again.

Maybe we should learn to think, or thank, before we complain.  You never know when you may just make the Chef angry and the plate full of wonderful food will no longer exist.

“The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

How much is enough for you?


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