Am I Pitching or Catching?

Today’s world events and our life in general, have me so confused that I have to ask myself the question ‘am I pitching or catching?’

I look on Facebook or make the dire mistake of catching the end of the evening news and hear, ‘such and such and so and so are locked in battle against the injection of cattle with hormones. This unhealthy situation must be stopped immediately.’

Then on the next segment I hear, ‘partial birth abortions are legal and should be allowed, as far along as 36 weeks.’  Then we can harvest their organs and sell them to the highest bidder.’ Then that statement is followed by ‘deadly guns the cause of mass shootings in the US.’

Now come on people, we can’t have it both ways. Why is it terrible to inject cows with hormones for what it will do to the general populace, but it’s ok, to inject children with hormones in order to change the sex they were born with? This makes absolutely no sense. Hormones are bad for cows, an animal, but, ok for humans?

Then the fact that over 88,000 die anually from alcohol abuse is not mentioned either.  That far out numbers deaths by guns so where are those that want alcohol banned?  Nope don’t see them anywhere.

I believe my favorite dilemma involves the following:  ‘Transgender should NOT be excluded from our military.’  Oh, really, so it’s ok with you that we lawfully give guns to people who can’t decide whether they want to be a man or woman, but, we need to outlaw guns because they are the cause of mass shootings?’ Really?  Where’s your logic in that?  Certainly doesn’t fall under the heading of ‘common sense,’ now does it?

Oh, and while we are on the subject of transgender I really think the reasoning behind the saying, ‘taxpayers should pay for transgender sex change which is why the military should allow them in the service so they can get health benefits.’

I’m sorry, I don’t agree with this kind of thinking. If you want to be transgender then YOU should be willing to pay for the change.  I sure as heck don’t want to pay for it, just like I don’t want to pay for abortions.   Not my circus, not my monkeys.

Somehow I think that people out rank animals. So, the concern we have for animals should come AFTER our concern for the human race.  Hey maybe I’m wrong.  If I am and you can prove to me I’m wrong, I’ll get right.

Now, I’m really gonna step off into it.  I also think that organ donations need to come under close scrutiny.  I think it’s wonderful if someone willing wants to donate their organs AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN EDUCATED ON WHAT GOES ON IN ORDER FOR THAT TO HAPPEN.  Then if they still want to do that and their family is aware of what has to happen to the donor in order for this to take place, and everyone is EDUCADTED ON THE SUBJECT.   Yeah then go for it.

When did it become ok for multi-millionaires to not respect our flag and our anthem, in a stadium paid for by our tax dollars?  When did it become ok to protest for what you want on our time and dollar and it not cost them anything?  I’m like former President Harry Truman on this one.  I wish the draft still existed because I’d draft every one of the kneeling NFL players into the MILITARY.   It’s obvious they need a little training in respect.  I bet the military can do a good job of that.

I’d like to also voice an opinion.  This one is about teachers.  School and College teachers.  There is no other profession that has the impact on young lives as do these professions.  We should be ever mindful of who is teaching our young people.  I believe with all my heart that teachers should be vetted.  We shouldn’t allow anyone to teach our children until they are proven to be of sound mind. Why you ask?  

They have our innocents in their care, when they are most receptive to mind changing affairs. They can sway young minds yeah or nay often by the way they, the teacher, feel about certain things. I want that teacher’s mind to be one in good standing before imparting that on my loved ones.

I am of the opinion; the same care you would choose when approaching the care of a psychiatrist should be given when hiring a teacher.

In closing I’d like to ask another question. When did the right of being found guilty or innocent go away?  When was the right of a fair trial replaced by a trail of public opinion?  That’s what’s happening in the majority of the sexual abuse allegations that are so freely being used these days.

Sexual abuse is never ok. But, waiting years to report it and the accused not having the right to counter file and be represented fairly in a court of law is unfair.  

If indeed the person saying they were sexual abused, years ago comes forward then they should be held accountable just like the person they are accusing.  If it’s found the accuser is lying then he or she should be found guilty and have to serve three times the amount of time the accused would have had to serve if they had been found guilty at the time of the offense. Speak up when it happens or forever hold your peace, because after that it becomes he said, she said, and the only person to suffer is the one accused and their family.  Not right, shouldn’t happen.

I don’t know when the news media decided God was dead and they needed to take His place.

Now I’m back to my original question.  

“Am I pitching or catching in this game called life?”

How about you?  Do you know what position you are playing?


When Did We Lose Our Innocence?

Looking back over the last forty years I have to ask the question, when did we lose our innocence?  When did it become okay for prime time TV programs to have episodes of sexual behavior and suggestive dress attire?

When did it become okay for kids to lock their doors to their rooms, keep their cell phones private and watch whatever they please on Snap Chat? Or worse still, post pictures on Snap Chat that forty years ago would have caused the County Judge to fine the parents for allowing such behavior.

When did we become so desensitized to the issues of the world that we look upon today’s happenings with a calloused heart and poor excuses for the children’s behavior?  I’m not talking little children here; I’m talking big college age kids.

When did we start making excuses for their having to have safe rooms and puppy dogs to feel safe?  Worse still, when did we accept the fact many of the professors teaching them, thought this was appropriate behavior.

When did it become okay to post billboard of sexual nature on the highway so that all children passing by can look at a half-naked woman and think that’s ok? When did Victoria Secrets with their almost naked women become the norm instead of the not acceptable? When?  How did I miss it?  When did parents stop caring for their children’s mental as well as physical well-being and let them be exposed to things that should remain for older adult eyes only?

When did we accept the fact that it was within people’s rights to disrespect our flag, our anthem and our nation?  When did it become okay for the police to be called pigs and have to defend themselves against the populace they protect? What happened to the rights of the innocent?

What happened to the rights of our young people to expect adults to look out for them? To set examples for them, to teach them for goodness sake, right from wrong?  Have we become so desensitized that we don’t even notice when our babies, our young, our innocents, are exposed to such rude happenings that we as adults are embarrassed by?

Yeah, you may say, that I am just an old fogey that still believes in America and apple pie.

My answer to you is ‘yes, indeed I am, and proud of it.’

Now, what’s your excuse?

Is There More Evil Today?

Is our world really going to hell in a handbasket? Do we have more evil in today’s time than in times past? Are the young people today really so calloused they think of no one but themselves? Is the world so evil that Christ will have to come to end it?

All these are perfectly reasonable questions to ask in today’s time and events.  However, my answers may not be the answers you think or want to hear. So hear me out and then you make your own assessment.

First question; is our world really going to hell in a handbasket?

Answer:  That’s the way it seems sometimes, but let me give you a little history, a little look back at our past.

During the civil war, I am quite sure there were many people who had to ask themselves that very question. The South wanted to be free from the North telling them what they wanted them to do and how they wanted them to live.  The South hated this, so they wanted their independence.  A lot of folks think the civil war was just about slavery, but slavery was only a part of it.  There were many more political qualities the South objected to, so they decided they would rather fight and die than to be told what to do by the North.

This, the most deadly war that our Nation has ever been a part of, tore homes apart.  Brother fought against brother, sometime father against son.  Emotions ran high and each side felt their side was the right one. So in my opinion, this was indeed far worse than today’s time.  However, if we don’t get control of today’s situation we may be forced to repeat it, and that would indeed be sad.  That’s why it’s so important to remember our history so that we don’t make the same mistakes again.

In World War II America did not become involved in that war until about 1940 when we helped Britain and France by supplying them with tanks and other war needed supplies without actually declaring war on Germany.   Then, Germany made the mistake of sinking one of our ships and America still waited before declaring war on them.  That rocked on until December of 1941, when the Japanese pulled a sneak attack on the US Fleet anchored in Pearl Harbor, when that happened America declared war on Japan and Germany.  Now we were in World War II big time.

America joined hands against the common enemy and did everything it could to win the war. Americans were happy to have rationing, to grow victory gardens, to do whatever was necessary to save our country and supply their American’s sons and daughters who were fighting actively in the war.  We wanted them to have all America could supply to win the war. Good old American know how and stick-to-it-ness met the supply and demand, and Old Glory waved with pride.

We saw that happen again on 9-11-2001. America joined hands and color and race was forgotten as we battled against the terrorist that killed so many of our brethren.  We were outraged and ready to defend our land.

I believe that still holds true today.

Do we have more evil in today’s times than in times of the past?

I don’t know what do you think?  Long ago there were opium dens where people would go to smoke opium and do all sorts of drugs and even Coca Cola had cocaine in it as did many other drinks, perhaps there were a few other things that today,  we frown upon.  Laudanum could be bought at the local dry good/ drug store and all of that was perfectly legal.

Then there’s the old standby drug, alcohol.  It’s been around forever, wine, beer etc.  Nothing new there. Well, then, are things worse today than they were back when the drugs and drug houses were legal?

Prostitution is the oldest profession there is, it’s been around since time began.  So do those things still exist today? Of course they do. They are sort of like the cockroach; you can’t kill ‘um.

“The boys are a fearful multitude of untutored savages with dogs at their heels and other evidence of dissolute habits. Girls drive coal carts, ride astride on horses, drink, swear, fight, smoke, and drink whiskey and care for nobody but themselves.  The morals of children are tenfold worse than they formerly were.”

Does this sound vaguely familiar?  Well it was ranted in 1843 by Anthony Ashley Cooper, the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury, England.

In Lot’s time in the bible, angels came to visit him.  As they dined the townsfolk beat on the door and told Lot to send out his visitors.  They wanted to have sex with them.   It mattered not if they were male or female to the people of the city.  They all had reprobate minds and indulged in every kind of evil. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.   But, because Lot was a righteous man, he and his family were saved, Except for Lot’s wife who couldn’t follow instructions of ‘don’t look back at the cities.’  She did and so she was turned to a pillar of salt. This story is as old as time itself.

The last question; Is the world so evil that Christ will have to come to save it?

We all know that is how the story will end.  Christ will return someday, we don’t know where, or when.  Man thru the ages has tried to figure that out, but the Lord tells us that Jesus,  nor the angels in heaven know when that time will be, so no man on this earth knows the time of Christ’s return.

I grant you, we are living in perilous times, and we often wonder, is this as bad as it’s ever been or the worst it can be?  

Perhaps we can take heart in knowing that it’s happened before.  There have been other times when mankind has seen just how poor of an excuse for a human being that he could be. We’ve lied, mistreated, disrespected, killed, and tortured, our fellow man before.  

I have to say, I’m so glad we serve a God of second chances. I’m so glad He’s in charge of all of this and when He thinks, ‘that’s enough,’ that will be just fine with me.

Until then?

Well,  I guess we are going to have to stand for what we know is right without fear or intimidation, while we whisper ever so softly, under our breath,  ‘come quickly Lord Jesus.’

Perhaps it’s in the Pauses

It’s Halloween, and just in case you’re wondering, in 62 days, thereabouts, it will be New Year’s, 2018.  Where has this year gone? A few months ago it was New Year’s 2017. I know it was.  How could this year be nearing its end?

That brings to mind a thought that makes me a little uncomfortable.  What have I done with this year? What did I accomplish or what did I enjoy?  What did I do with the time that has been allotted to me?  Did I enjoy it, or did I squander it away?

When we were children time crawled by.  It was forever between Christmas and birthdays. Looking back now through adult eyes, it seems like mega seconds between Christmas, and birthdays.  Now, the birthdays seem to come way too quickly and with the birthdays come aging, getting older, more aches and pains. But, with the aging comes wisdom, I hope.

As I look back over the year it’s as though Father Time had a jet pack on as the days and nights whisked by.  Some of the time I was merely a spectator, watching life from the sidelines as it rapidly moved ahead. Sometimes, I was a participant, caught up in the busyness of everyday affairs as my life swiftly moved forward, toward the finish line.

Perhaps, it would be wise for me to pause for a while and think on the things I have accomplished this year.  I took the time to listen to a small child explain the wonders of a stunning ladybug that had crawled out of a flower and landed on his sweet hand as his beautiful blue eyes looked at it in wonder.

I watched as an elderly person sat down on a park bench with guarded movement so as not to suddenly plop down and lose their balance. Then when seated, they looked at the wondrous beauty of the world around them with thanksgiving.

I looked into the eyes of my dog and I saw what loyalty and love looks like.  I heard a bird singing to the top of its voice, a melody so beautiful that a symphony orchestra could not compete.

I saw young lovers holding hands as they walked through the park, whispering words of adoration as they look forward to their future with eagerness.

I saw old lovers holding hands as they slowly walked together.  Wrinkled faces, bent bodies, but still so much in love that it made me want to cry.  

I pray I showed hospitality to strangers because the bible tells us sometimes, when we do that, we entertain angels unaware. These things were some of my accomplishments.

Perhaps, that is what time is about.  Not so much the movements of the fast pace we live, but in the pauses.  The times we realize we just need to stop for a moment and appreciate the things that make this life important.

It’s time to enjoy the smell of rain, the beauty of the flowers and to have the eagerness of a child’s bewilderment as we see something for the first time.  Perhaps it’s the face of a new child, a new grandchild or the blessedness of being allowed to see our great grandchildren.  To remember, not everyone is allowed that privilege.

It’s time to pause and appreciate this life God gives us by acknowledging the blessings He sends us daily, sometimes hourly.  We need to pause, to mediate, to say, ‘Thank you Lord.’

Perhaps, it’s in the pauses we learn to appreciate time; perhaps in the pauses we slow down and learn how to live. 

How to Handle Sexual Harassment

wp-image--497650345I may get hate mail over this one, but that’s okay.

I, for one, am sick and tired of hearing, “Well, he grabbed me and groped me and acted very irresponsible, etc. etc. etc.” 

My question to all women who have had this problem or who will have this problem or who think they have this problem, “What did you do about it?”  

Not fifteen years later coming forward and saying ‘well, yes, he did that to me.’  Or ‘I was just too traumatized to say anything,’ or ‘I was afraid no one would believe me.’

Oh, really?  Well, I’ve been a female a long, long time.  Grew up with a boy’s name, worked in the market place for many years, and even as a young woman had to handle old men’s groping hands.  Now, let me tell you how a Texas girl handles these situations.

First of all you scream, “What are you doing? Keep your hands to yourself old man or you’re not going to be able to walk for a few days.”  

Followed by a swift knee kick to the parts he holds near and dear and then you tell everyone you meet what a nasty old man he is, regardless of whose grandfather it is.

That’s for the old men who don’t have enough sense to know they couldn’t handle it if they captured it. Then you ask them, “Hey, does your granddaughter know you go around groping her friends?”  “No, well guess what, the whole town’s going to know it because I’m reporting your sorry self.  Don’t ever attempt to touch me or any of my friends again.”

Now, if you’ve survived the high school sexual abusers and held your own, then you come face to face with the whole wide world of harassment from the work place.  You handle it the same way you did in high school.  You yell and scream and tell everyone you meet what’s going on.  

I’ve found on my life’s journey, nothing was worth, or ever will be worth, me having to keep quiet about these sick people. Report them immediately. Have the courage to say, ‘not today Lucy, not today.’

That’s what they count on.  

They count on you being too scared or embarrassed to report them.  Not year’s later, but right now, right when it happens. They count on you wanting to obtain an acting career, a job promotion, a leg up on the ladder of success. Some even tolerate it just to be popular. That kind of reaction makes you as sick as they are. Yep that’s what I said.  If you let anyone get by treating you with such disrespect and not reporting it, you’re as sick as they are.

Now, before you hang me out with the laundry, think on this.  If you have been forewarned about these things that can, and probably will happen to you, then you can be prepared to fight back.

Satan loves the darkness.  He likes to hide in the shadows and make you afraid.  He counts on it. But, he cannot stand in the light.  Once the light shines on him, he’s like a mythical vampire; he melts and runs away, the coward.  Those that serve him count on our fears to hold us captive.

Teach your daughters and sons how to fight back.  Yes, the same thing works for boys as it does for girls.  Teach them it’s okay to tell you any and all things without fear of reprobation for telling the truth. Teach them first and foremost how to handle themselves and what to do should a priest, an old man or woman or anyone that tries to touch them inappropriately, or speak nasty offensive words, even those that they think love them, might do.

Once they are armed, it makes the fight so much easier.

In closing I have to say, I never met a man or woman, I couldn’t get rid of if I wanted to badly enough. It just takes courage and the ability to stand up for what you know is right.

Lastly, the one rule I always follow and have my entire life is very, very simple;

“Follow the money.”  It will always take you to where the truth lies.  If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it most likely is a duck, regardless of what you want to believe.

Shine a light on it.  

Speak up, tell someone, anyone.  

Don’t let predators of any kind survive in our country.  

You Cannot Legislate Morality

Gun laws passed, new laws made, gun control legislated. None of these things will work because you cannot legislate morality. 

Unfortunately, evil will find a way.

Cain killed Abel with a rock.

Morality has to be taught and learned. The saying, “when the student is ready the teacher will appear,” is so true. God teaches about morality. He tells humankind exactly what they should or shouldn’t do. Alas, humankind ignores God and all things they do not want to adhere to. In its place comes, what some call reasoning.

What it really is, is an excuse. Excuses for bad behavior in children and adults, excuses for greed, excuses for hard hearts, excuses for lust, excuses for killing, excuses for lies, excuses for stealing, excuses for laziness, excuses for selfishness, excuses for anything we don’t want to do. For every good deed there is an excuse not to do it.

So, don’t blame our leaders and expect them to fix this mess we have. Yes, part of it they have brought on, but the other part we brought on. “Not me”, you say, “I have nothing to do with this mess that’s happening in our world.”

Really? When was the last time you prayed for our leaders? When was the last time you took the time to help someone; someone that you knew could never repay you. When was the last time you said, “Search my heart, oh God and show me where I’m wrong and I will get right.”

The respect we should have for our elders, our leaders, our law enforcement, our next door neighbor, the mentally ill, what’s happened to that respect? What’s happened to our morality? When and where did we lose it? When did we stop caring for anyone except our self?

Perhaps, when we put God back in the classroom, back in the courtroom, back in the lives of everyday normal living, perhaps then and only then will our questions about what’s happening in our world, be answered.

Mental Illness vs Evil

In a world where 20% of the population, will be diagnosed with mental illiness, before their 14th birthday, we are still shocked when it manifests itself.  Yet evilness, which also manifests itself, often goes by with just, ‘oh, you know how they are,’ excuse.

The latest incident in Las Vegas, Nevada were a man in his sixties fired on helpless American citizens as they enjoyed a night of country music, was both horrific and very, very sad. I think in his instance, he either had an undiagnosed medical condition or he is the face of sheer evil.  An autopsy should tell us which.

Prior to this appalling event, many countries around the world have suffered the same.  Paris, England, Germany, and many other well-known places have experienced the same amount of horrendous terror.  Some committed by terrorist and some not.  

Unfortunately, far too many, have been committed by every day citizens of the human race.  Yet, they all contain one element of sameness.  Mental illness and/or evilness is involved. No man, woman or child would walk into a place and start shooting just for the thrill of killing unless they have a mental problem or are so filled with hate they commit such crimes.

This goes back thru the ages.  In ancient history there was Atilla the Hun. In more modern history, Adolph Hitler. Some are no as well known; Luis Goravito, believed to have killed over 300, but because of Columbian law was only given 30 years and with good behavior can get out earlier. Ted Bundy, said to be the ‘very definition of evil,’ admitted to killing 36, but experts believe he may have killed as many as 100. Ahmad Suradji of Indonesian admitted killing 42 girls, killed by firing squad in 2008.  Andri Chikatilo of Russia killed over 53 and said of himself, “I know I have to be destroyed.  I was a mistake of Nature.”  And the list goes on, so many that time and space does not permit naming.

So, as proven by the above, we know that mental illness and evilness are not a new thing.  Down thru the ages many, many have joined the ranks of insane ‘killers,” most likely more evil than insane.

What man or woman with good sense would strap a bomb to them self and think they would kill themselves and others and gain a place in Heaven?  That thinking is insanity at its highest, yet we read about it all too often. Yet is it indeed insanity or is it pure evil, played out by the devil himself?

The question then becomes, what can we do to help with the epidemic of mental illness and/or evilness? Most importantly, what is its cause?

Perhaps some think the stigma of having or knowing someone with a mental illness is too embarrassing to address. Some may think that’s someone else’s problem, other’s nothing I can do etc.  

But, the other side is how much is pure evil? Evil can be punished. That, we can do something about if we have the courage to enforce.

In history we find that the insane were often locked away in a place where they were not only mistreated but were used as guinea pigs to further the study of medicine.  Some were helped, but many were not. The problem persists and still with no collective answer.

The question remains, ‘how much is insanity and how much is pure evilness?’

Some will say ‘if we had no guns this could not happen.’  The truth is the guns don’t kill people, people kill people. It can just as easily be knives, or rocks or alcohol or drugs, so what is the solution?

I don’t know. I wish I did.  I know we have to support the causes that try and treat mental illness. And, we must always fight evil wherever we find it.   We must recognize there is a problem and try our best to at least solve a part of it. Again, however, evilness can and should be punished.

In my humble opinion too much time is given these killers. That brings about copycat killers. It’s hard to even imagine that someone would think killing hundreds of people was somehow to be admired, but that to many, is a drawing card. The attention, the fifteen minutes of fame they receive becomes a face of mental illness and evilness.  So what do we do?

We once again, must follow the money.  We have to make it where help is given when need is seen. We have to educate, educate, that mental illness is not a stigma, but is a disease that can be helped, though perhaps not cured.  

We must recognize and educate when we know it’s evilness.  So filled with hate they just spew it on everyone they come in contact with.

We have to take all threats of harm against our leaders as forms of mental illness and/or evilness.  Arrest those that do such things, and if indeed they are found to have mental illness, find treatment for them.

But, if it’s just evilness then confine them; find them, prosecute them and finally put them away if it can’t be controlled.  We can no longer take these threats as just ‘blowing of steam.’

Just as we unite against tyranny and abuse we must unite in the effort to find help for the mentally ill. The first step in doing that is to recognize mental illness when it appears and try and treat it, not deny that it exists.

By the same token, we have to recognize evil when we see it and take steps to stop that.  I am of the opinion; the two go hand in hand.  If you are stupid enough to spew your hated over all mankind, then you do indeed have a mental problem.  Unfortunately your problem can’t be treated, and usually the best solution for evilness is a very strong fine, so high that it hurts. Along with spending time put away in a jail cell.

Taking away the gun is not the answer. Recognizing mental illness and finding treatment is.  

Evilness has to pay right along with the rest of the criminals. Of course most of these pansy asses, once they realize this is going to cost them big bucks would like to plead insanity in order to escape punishment.  In their cases, the cost needs to double.

To Ms. Hayley Goftman-Gold, apparently a woman of education, as up until yesterday, she worked in CBS’s legal department, shame on you.  Shame on you for saying you,’ have no sympathy for those attending a Country Concert because most of them are usually Republicans and deserve to be punished.’  

I say to you, “No, idiot, they are your fellow Americans just out trying to have a good time when evil popped up its ugly head and destroyed so many of their lives. Now, I hope you get to have a little punishment for your words. Perhaps, then, though not guaranteed, you will think before you speak and more importantly, examine your heart.”

You are the prime example of a degree guarantees nothing, but the ability to learn.

In your case madam,  I am going to say you are both evil and insane and needed to be fired, and should fined and the world would be a better place if you were put away for a very long time.

Alert! Alert!

I urge my fellow Americans to write your US representatives, your state representatives and your local representatives and request immediate action to start withdrawal the 501 C for the NFL, which allows them to be recognized as a charitible organization.

Request that they immediately start proceedings to stop all Federal, State and local funding to the NFL, the football teams and their owners. Request that they cease any and all tax breaks or tax exceptions.
All I can see are those men and women soldiers overseas, just waiting to see some football from home only to be greeted by kneeling players protesting; dishonoring the American Flag.

Now, let us take the power we posses and use it against the NFL and all those that take a knee and disrepect our flag and our anthem. That disrespect every man and woman serving this great Nation and all those that came before and paid the ultimate price.

We the People…

Dear NFL:

We will not support millionaire ingrates, who hate America and disrespect our Armed Forces and our Veterans.

Who wins a football game has zero impact on our lives.

Who fights for and defends our nation, has every impact on our lives.

We stand with the real Hero’s, not a bunch of rich, entitled, arrogant, ungrateful, anti-America degenerates.


We the People of the United States of America

I do not know who wrote the above letter of explanations to the NFL, but I do know it deserves to be repeated and repeated and repeated.  

It touches the soul of the common American, who loves their country and enjoys American sports.

Of late, the athletes who choose to voice their dislike for the way their ancestors were treated, for it is evident they certainly are not treated unfairly, by disrespecting our National Anthem and the United States of America’s flag, I have this to say to you,

Unless you, or someone you love, has been handed this flag folded, taken directly from the top of a fallen soldier’s casket, do not, even go to sleep and dream, that you have the right to disrespect our flag.

Your freedom of speech ends where my freedom of speech begins and you, do not represent me or my fellow Compatriots.

You are a paid employee, just like the rest of us. If we do something to disrespect our boss or our place of employment, you better believe, we will be fired.  What makes you any better than the common working man?  Nothing, absolutely nothing!

The only difference is when we take home our paychecks we often wonder if there’s going to be enough to go around.  Whereas with you, you are grossly overpaid for a talent the Good Lord gave to you.  You by your actions, don’t appreciate that talent either, but rather think you deserve it.

I am now putting the players that chose to take a knee during the playing of the National Anthem, instead of standing with your hand over your heart in celebration of this great country in which we are all privileged to live, right along with the actors and actresses who so blatantly disrespect not only themselves, but our nation.  They forget they are just paid employees of us, the common American citizen who lay out our money to watch, ‘let’s pretend,’ for a period of about two hours.  Yours, and their mouthing is disgusting.

I stand with the President in withdrawing the invitation to the White House for those athletes who actually think they are better than the average American. That’s our White House, that’s our government, not yours alone. So, if you can’t honor our house by treating it respectfully, you’re not welcome there.  

In fact, why don’t you go play ball in another country.  We will make it just fine without you here.  There are enough good, red blooded Americans, who are willing and able to take your place any time and any place.

As a footnote, the players that choose to kneel during the national anthem, should keep in mind that the very stadiums you disrespect the American Flag in, are largely funded and subsidized by the average American taxpayer.

From 1997 – 2015, twenty NFL stadiums were opened. Those twenty NFL stadiums, cost the American taxpayer, approximately $4.7 BILLION dollars.

Additionally, NFL teams, enjoy: tax breaks, reduced utilities, reduced costs of police services, municipal bonds to build their stadiums and often times, direct cash payments from local municipalities and states.

AT&T Stadium, where the Dallas Cowboys play, appraises for roughly $1,000,000,000. In case all those zeroes made your eyes cross a little, that’s One. Billion. Dollars. And yet, because of incentives offered, Jerry Jones doesn’t pay a dime in property taxes on it.

Did you know that the NFL is a 501c? That’s the same classification offered to charitable organizations and churches. Were you aware that, despite profits in the billions, the NFL didn’t pay a single cent in Federal Income Tax, until the 2015 fiscal year?

Just a few interesting facts to keep in mind the next time you see an NFL player kneel in a stadium that your tax dollars helped pay for and help to maintain, year after year after year after year. If the NFL, it’s commissioner and it’s players want to continue to make political statements, they should do it on their own dime.

And in a personal post script, Jerry Jones, you had a golden opportunity to be a hero to the every day, hard working average American. Instead, you chose to side with the ingrates and the elite and once more, let us down. As a life long fan of the Dallas Cowboys, it’s truly disappointing to say goodbye to what I always felt like was my team…to say goodbye to what was once known as America’s team.

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